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UPDATED: Some Best Torrent Sites That Still Work in Your Country

Protecting the intellectual properties for copyright owners, the United States, Australian, Japan, and several other countries are cracking down on pirate websites severely, leaving a sheer number of torrent sites blocked and defunct. You may have seen enough news as like, “Pirate Anime Streaming Site KissAnime is permanently Shot Down as Japan Cracks Down on […]
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Call of Duty: Mobile Season 11 Releasing on October 14: Here’s What to Expect

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 11 will be released on October 14 and the developers have shared an update for what to expect from the new season. The official Reddit post details content that is coming to the game later in October or early November. Season 11 marks the one year anniversary for the game […]
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MoMo Developer Hackathon

Overview MTN is an emerging market mobile operator at the forefront of technological and digital changes. From its headquarters in Johannesburg and guided by its values, MTN is delivering a bold, new digital world to our customers across Africa and the Middle East – one of the world’s fastest-growing regions for mobile telecommunications. MTN is […]
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Website Hosting

It's one thing to build a website using HTML, but so far in this tutorial, everything we've done has been on our own local machine. Unless you have your own web server with a permanent high-speed connection to the Internet, you'll need a website hosting provider to host your website.
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How to avoid software bugs

Developers are facing a new software bug that seeks to penetrate their app across all five stages of an application’s lifecycle, i.e., writing requirements, outlining general design elements, building/developing the application, testing/stabilizing the app, and deployment. As the development process advances through each of its five phases, it becomes a real hassle to maintain intact […]
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Web Developer Interview Questions and Answers

Appearing for a web developer interview is the first step of what could be a very successful career of your dreams. However, if you really want to nail the interview, you need to be prepared for the commonly-asked web developer interview questions. In the era of the Internet, web design and web development are very […]
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