If Apple Created Windows 10 It Would Look Like This Concept Video

What is the one thing that differentiates Apple products from
Microsoft? It’s the style and finesse one can see in Apple’s hardware
and software products.

Even though Microsoft’s Windows 10 has been
launched more than four years ago, it still lacks the feel of a
finished product and has hints of old designs.

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would Windows 10 look like if it was created by Apple? While this is a
question that many of us would have wondered over, but an enterprising
UI designer and a YouTuber has converted this imagination into reality
through a concept video.

Kamer Kaan Avdan, the creator of previously released videos for updated versions of Windows 95, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 11, and macOS 11 Ventura, has now released a video of how Microsoft’s Windows 10 would look like if it were to be designed by Apple.

As one can see in the above video, the concept titled “If Apple
created Windows 10 (Concept by Avdan)” shows Windows 10 as a stylish
blend of Windows and macOS. However, it does take a while to get used to
the Start menu and the Menu Bar at the top of the desktop.

concept video brings iMessage for Windows and replaces the Edge browser
with Safari. The redesigned File Explorer also brings new options in
Quick Access such as Desktop, Downloads, Documents, Pictures, Music,
AirDrop and iCloud.

The OS has redesigned Action Center and
Control Center icons above the notifications. It also has a stylish dark
mode and dynamic wallpapers that changes based on the day and night
time zone.

It also allows you to unlock PC using your iPhone.
Additionally, it has redesigned search feature that eliminates the need
for Bing or Edge.

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