10 Best Sites To Download Subtitles For Movies, TV Shows

Subtitles are very important while watching a movie or a TV series.
Especially if the video is in a foreign language that you don’t have a
firm grasp over, subtitles come in handy to understand the dialogues
that are being spoken in the video.

There are over 50 major
languages spoken around the world, and mastering each one of them would
be an impossible task, for the purpose of watching movies and TV shows
without subtitles.

What Are Subtitles?

Subtitles are text that displays the transcript of the dialogues of a scene as the screenplay progresses forward.

They help in understanding what is being said in a scene from a movie, film, or TV show.

text is generally displayed at the bottom-center of the screen while
offering the option to display them on various places on the screen in
different fonts, sizes, and colors.

Why Use Subtitles?

  • Subtitles
    can be useful in several ways, starting from helping you to understand
    the dialogues that are delivered in a foreign language.
  • Deaf or people with hearing issues can make use of subtitles to understand the movie and dialogues.
  • If
    you don’t want to hear the dialogues, depending upon any reason
    starting from loud background sounds, or accent that is difficult to
    understand or irritating, you can simply mute the video and take benefit
    from subtitles.
  • People prefer listening to the original sound
    and dialogues even if it is a foreign language that they don’t
    understand instead of the dubbed version. Cause the tone and pitch of
    the dialogues help them understand the emotion and feelings of the
  • Subtitles definitely helps you to learn a foreign language or to improve your grip over them if you started to learn a language.

Best Site to Download Subtitles for Movies and TV Shows

1. Addic7ed

This free subtitle website is among my favorite to download subtitles
for movies and TV shows. The site is in 18 languages, offering
subtitles in 7 languages on average for any TV show.

There is an
option for quick-search as well on the left side of the page, which has a
scroll down menu containing the names of several thousand TV shows.

What I liked

  • Properly synced subtitles for different versions of a TV show.
  • Subtitles in over half a dozen language for any individual episode of a TV show which is popular.
  • Dark theme on the website which was recently added.
  • Full-fledged forum for requesting subtitles. They also have a section to discuss TV shows.
  • Option to download multiple subtitles in one go.
  • Subtitles for hearing impaired(text for the mechanical sounds, Eg – “[Door Opens]”).

What I did not like

  • The searching function takes a while to show results
  • Movie subtitles for only newer movies
  • The site is not mobile/portable devices friendly. It only meant for computer and large displays

Visit Addic7ed

2. Opensubtitles

Opensubtitles is one of the most popular website to download English subtitles for movies, TV shows, and documentaries, etc.

site is available in over 60 languages. The interface of the website
has become outdated and the new-age look is in beta mode, which will be
official soon according to the forum discussions.

What I liked

  • Search subtitles in over 55 languages which includes Asian languages like Mandarin, Telugu, Hindi, etc.
  • Advanced
    search option which allows the user to search on parameters like IMDB
    ratings, size, genre, FPS, the format of subtitles, movie year, etc.
  • Subtitle request section for requesting subtitles for any movie, TV show’s episode.
  • Forum in 12 languages apart from English.
  • Free
    Media player by OpenSubtitles which downloads the correct and synced
    subtitles automatically as the movie, the show is played in the player
  • Individual
    ratings for each subtitle by users like you which helps other users
    such as ourselves pick the correct version to download

What I did not like

  • Excessive ads and it isn’t very easy to download subtitles in one click as various ads keeping on popping.
  • The website is not mobile-friendly and might irk a lot of users.

Visit Opensubtitles

3. Yifysubtitles

Yifysubtitles is another famous site to download subtitles for free,
offering subtitles for the latest movies. The website is relatively
straightforward to use and provides mostly English subtitles for not so
popular movies.

There are three sites with a similar name,
offering the same features and subtitles. I have talked about the one
with the least amount of intrusive ads.

What I liked

  • Easy-to-use user interface.
  • Synopsis of the movie along with a list of subtitles in different languages.
  • Search with minimal options like genre, rating and release date sorting.

What I did not like

  • Finding the download button is a bit of a struggle.

Visit Yifysubtitles

4. Subsene

Subscene is one of the most visited sites to download subtitles for
movies. The site has a search function that supports variations in
search terms while showing results for the searched keyword.

It is
among the few subtitles sites that provide subtitles for the hearing
impaired people. Subtitles with hearing-impaired friendly text can be
searched by checking the Hearing Impaired option in the search filters.

What I liked

  • Dark theme on the website with blue text. They are easy on the eyes for users who spend much time looking on a screen.
  • The search bar has the filter to exclude subtitles in a particular language(maximum 3) from the search results.
  • The search results also entertain spelling errors and show relevant results under the close section.
  • Forums dedicated to requesting subtitles for movies.
  • Option to flag low quality, incorrect subtitles.

What I did not like

  • The search option filters would be confusing for a novice user.

Visit Subscene

5. TVsubtitles

TVsubtitles is a website for TV show subtitles. The site is available
in 6 major languages. Subtitles can be downloaded by clicking on the
flag of the language. For instance, clicking on the UK’s flag takes you
to English subtitles.

What I liked

  • Upload subtitles without registering on the site.
  • Subtitles file size appears on the download page.
  • The
    language of subtitles can be set globally from the Show Subtitles
    drop-down menu, which sets the language. For instance, if you set it to
    Spanish, then only subtitles in Spanish will appear on the screen.
  • Rate(Upvote or Downvote) the subtitles without creating an account on the website.

What I did not like

  • The search option is generic, lacks the option to do an extensive/advanced search.
  • Some subtitle zip files contain text spam documents.

Visit TVsubtitles 

6. Podnapisi

Podnapisi has over 2 million subtitles submitted by the users for
movies and TV series in over 100 languages. The subtitle also runs a
community-driven translation project using Weblate, a premium text
translation tool.

What I liked

  • The subtitle site is
    mobile-friendly, which is not the case with the previously mentioned
    sites on the list. According to Statista.com research, around 52% of
    Internet traffic is from smartphones.
  • The option to categorize subtitles by FPS.
  • Virtually all subtitles are audited for validity and quality by the moderators.
  • The
    subtitles can be searched in two modes, via movie database and normal
    keyword search. Searching movie database pops open option to select the
    year of release, episode and season number to narrow the search.

What I did not like

  • The
    subtitles for a particular searched movie or TV show are not organized
    in an orderly manner so a user might need to search scout through a
    handful of entries.

Visit Podnapisi

7. Isubtitles

Isubtitles is a growing website to download subtitles for movies,
films, and popular TV shows in several languages. The website has a
gigantic collection of subtitles for indie movies.

What I liked

  • Subtitles can be previewed on the download page before downloading them, from the Preview section.
  • The site search has suggestion-based results as the users type further.
  • The site is mobile friendly just like Podnipsi.

What I did not like

  • Search does not entertain spelling errors.
  • No option to filter subtitles on the download list page.

Visit Isubtitles

8. Subdl

Subdl is a moderately popular site for downloading subtitles for
movies in English and other languages. The site’s homepage has a
clutter-free search bar to search for subtitles of your choice.

What I liked

  • Subtitles
    are classified on the basis of their video release. For instance, DVD
    release, Blu-ray release, etc. have a separate section of subtitles with
    different time-stamps, runtimes because of different movie cut
    versions. They can be filtered by language.
  • Upto 4 languages can be selected for filtering search specific to the respective languages.

What I did not like

  • No user rating that would help the downloaders ascertain the quality of the subtitles.
  • Excessive overlapping ads on the site.

Visit Subdl

9. My-subs.co

My-subs is one of the most organized sites for downloading subtitles.
Each subtitle can be downloaded in the direct SRT format and not in
compressed zip files like every other website offers.

What I liked

  • Subtitles are segregated into different sections for various languages.
  • Separate search results for movies and TV shows on the same page.
  • The site is mobile and other portable devices friendly.
  • Users
    can contribute to translate subtitles of their favorite movie, TV show
    into their local language by clicking on Join Translation is given in
    the particular title’s subtitle box.

What I did not like

  • No advanced search or filter for subtitles in unfamiliar languages.
  • No option to request subtitles for any movie or TV show.

Visit My-subs

10. Megasubtitles

Megasubtitles is a simple, and easy-to-use website for subtitles. The
search bar is on the top and the search results appear below it in
real-time search. The subtitles can be directly downloaded in SRT format
just like from My-Subs.

What I liked

  • Subtitles are listed down below a movie’s poster and short synopsis.
  • One-click
    subtitles download meaning there are no redirects to different pages to
    download a particular website like many of the site’s competitor

What I did not like

  • Excessive intrusive ads in the subtitle section.
  • No option to request subtitles for any movie or TV show.

Visit Megasubtitles

How To Create Your Own Subtitles?

filmmakers, content creators would be looking for a robust, easy, and
free method to create their subtitles for their videos. Subtitles help
reaches a broader audience and helps transcend your art-form into
different language speaking demographics.

Before moving forward,
we need to understand the two types of subtitles, which are external and
embedded. The former subtitles require the insertion of the subtitles
over the video while the latter is embedded into the video.

latter kind of subtitles comes in handy for playing subtitles in video
players who don’t support the required subtitles format or don’t support
subtitles at all.

There is a freeware application available for both Windows and Mac OS (7+) to create your own subtitles.

Steps to create your own subtitles:

  1. First of all, download the Aegisub application. There is an option for portable versions as well if you are not looking to install the application yet and want to give it a spin. Launch the application.
  2. Open your video from the Video drop-down menu. The video takes some moments to load, depending on the size of the video file.
  1. Head-over to the text-box on the rightwards of the window and add subtitles frame by frame.
    Subtitles can be customized into different fonts, shapes, colors and
    more with the help of Styling Assistant which can be accessed from the
    Subtitles drop-down menu.
  2. Once you are done creating and adding
    subtitles to your video, it is time to save them. Head-over to the Files
    drop-down menu and click on Save Subtitles As or alternative press
    Ctrl+Shift+S. A window with saving options will appear. Fill-in the name
    of the subtitle file and press enter.
    The subtitle file will be
    saved in “*.ass” (Advanced Substation Alpha) format. This subtitle
    format is considered as the next-gen subtitle format and has extension
    capabilities over the traditional SRT format.

Alternatively, you can also embed subtitles into a video with a very popular freeware video trans-coder application known HandBrake.

Over to YOU

I have listed down the best sites to download subtitles for movies and
TV series, it all comes down to your convenience and ease of use.

websites have kept it straightforward, whereas others have decided to
play the game of cat and mouse. The needed subtitles can only be
downloaded by making the user shuffle between several pages before
getting the option to download subtitles.

Beware of misleading ads and extra adware that some of the ads accompany.

I pass the baton to you for suggesting a better site to download movie subtitles. Let us know via the comment section.

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