Month: June 2019

One Million Windows Computers Exposed To Attacks By “Wormable” BlueKeep Bug

“Wormable” BlueKeep: Almost one million Windows machines are vulnerable to the flaw Security researchers have discovered nearly one million Windows PCs are still vulnerable to a “wormable” BlueKeep security flaw that could lead to a similar outbreak like WannaCry ransomware. For those unaware, BlueKeep is a term for a security vulnerability (CVE-2019-0708) (noted as “critical” […]
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How To Manage Logs Files Effectively

Information systems and software applications create logs that document events by time stamping activities like log generation, assessment, transmission, storage, archive and removal of communicated data. Because of the massive amount of logs created daily, it is vital to manage logs files for proficiency, security and regulatory and compliance. Using a log management software system allows techs […]
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Russian Military To Bid Goodbye To Windows Soon, And Welcome Astra Linux

Russian military plans to replace Microsoft Windows with Astra Linux Russian army could very soon be replacing the Windows operating system on its military systems with Astra Linux. For those unaware, Astra Linux is a Debian-based Linux operating system developed to meet the needs of the Russian army, other armed forces and intelligence agencies. It provides data protection […]
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Beware Linux Users! Vulnerability In Vim Or Neovim Editor Could Compromise Your Linux

CVE-2019-12735: Opening a specially crafted file in Vim or Neovim Editor could hack your Linux system Security expert Armin Razmjou recently detected a high-risk arbitrary OS command execution vulnerability (CVE-2019-12735) in Vim and Neovim. For those unaware, Vim and Neovim are two most popular and powerful command-line text editing applications that come pre-installed in most of the […]
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Google Confirms Some Android Devices Came Preinstalled With Backdoor

Triada backdoors were preinstalled on few Android devices, Google reveals Google recently confirmed that some Android handsets were unknowingly infected with malware by smartphone manufactures even before they were shipped to customers. In a detailed study post, Google has explained how some hackers cleverly managed to put Triada, a malware designed to install spam apps on a device that […]
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Cellebrite Claims That It Can Unlock Any IPhone Or IPad For Police

Cellebrite says that it can unlock any iOS and high-end Android devices for law enforcement agencies Cellebrite recently announced on Twitter that the newest version of its product called Universal Forensic Extraction Device (UFED) has the capability to “unlock and extract crucial mobile phone evidence from all iOS and high-end Android devices.” For those unfamiliar, Cellebrite is […]
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Windows 10 KB4503327 Update Is Causing A Black Screen On PC

Windows 10 Cumulative Update KB4503327 causing black screen issues after installing the latest patches In an update to the support page for Windows 10’s new KB4503327 update, Microsoft has confirmed the presence of a ‘Black Screen’ bug in the latest cumulative update for Windows 10 October 2018 Update (or version 1809). According to Microsoft, a small number of […]
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